Which information layers?

Users have access to the following geographical information system layers:

  • water depth in gridded form over whole of maritime basin on a grid of 1/16 * 1/16 arc minutes (ca 115 meter grid)
  • water depth in vector form with isobaths at a scale of at least one to one million
  • depth profiles along user drawn tracks
  • tracklines / coverage of bathymetric surveys, including metadata, underpinning the water depths
  • undersea features
  • wrecks

These layers are made available in the Bathymetry Viewing and Download service. The portal also provides a CDI Data Discovery and Access service to identify and request access to bathymetric survey data that are acquired and managed by distributed data providers. A selection of these data sets are used for the EMODnet Digital Terrain Model (DTM). Moreover the portal provides a Sextant Catalogue service to describe and identify composite DTMs that were contributed by data providers instead of bathymetric survey data as input for the EMODnet DTM.